“The idea that the very design of the interview process may effectively exclude an entire class of job candidates is troubling…”

Source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/software-developers-coding-interviews-are-a-disaster-and-heres-why/

Well, indeed!

“The nature of the technical interview process also means that many job candidates try to spend weeks or months training specifically for the interview, and not the actual job they would be doing.”

Yep. Happening time and again. I’ve had students experience this.

I think a lot of companies are following the “leaders” (like Google) and rolling out interview techniques without much thought as to why they’re doing it a particular way.

Interviews should be two-way. Is the candidate the right fit for the organisation, and is the organisation the right fit for the candidate.

The best employers interview candidates as humans and figure out where they might best fit into their organisations. Talent comes in many forms.

As a candidate, you may feel the overwhelming pressure to try to grab hold of the first opportunity that comes along, regardless of whether it’s right for you.

Here’s the thing: in no aspect of life is that a solid strategy.