You call that Agile?
Why do startups fail? What is agility and agile?

Agile doesn’t mean you take an 18 month project and break it down into month releases Why do startups fail? 🤔 Too many startups begin with the idea for a product that they think people want… and they actually don’t. When we talk about “Agile”, the Agile Manifesto, and some of the principles around Agile, […]

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An office environment about as chill as a Kafka novel

Would you like to work in this office environment? Looks somewhat anxiety-inducing, no? Perhaps it has a different feel at eye level. Worse or better? Hard to tell! It’s one of Facebook’s offices, apparently. Don’t know from when. I haven’t dug much deeper than the thread of replies on a tweet or two (so don’t […]

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