Would you like to work in this office environment?

Looks somewhat anxiety-inducing, no?

Perhaps it has a different feel at eye level. Worse or better? Hard to tell!

It’s one of Facebook’s offices, apparently. Don’t know from when. I haven’t dug much deeper than the thread of replies on a tweet or two (so don’t quote me on anything!)

Here’s one tweet that appeared in my feed with this image as it’s subject: https://twitter.com/elyktrix/status/1365887164890959872?s=19

Are you thinking… where’s Wally?

Never mind Wally. There are plenty of other characters on display. Check out the poor chap bottom right with his head in his hands. Probably debugging some spaghetti code.

It can be (and is) argued that open offices foster collaboration. Sure, makes sense. But we can also collaborate remotely, quite effectively it turns out.

Agility is all about communication and reducing the time it takes to seek, receive and act upon feedback.

An open office does not create agility. People talking does.

Anyway, it all reminded me of the office scenes from Orsen Welles’ wondrous film adaptation of Franz Kafka’s novel The Trial.

A still from The Trial by Orsen Welles (adapted from Franz Kafka’s novel)

Spot the difference?

At least in The Trial, K had the sense to try and run away…