Leaders and teachers do not need to have all the answers

As a teacher/mentor/advisor, I found “The Ignorant Maestro” by Itay Talgam quite a liberating read.

Even though I know quite a lot about some subjects, I often have to respond to students’ questions with “I don’t know” and then follow it up with “let’s find out together” which I have embraced as a teaching technique in itself.

Teaching others how to learn.

Introducing others to the concept of metacognition.


The Ignorant Maestro by Itay Talgam

Talgam’s book shines a light on how powerful our own “ignorance” of certain topics can be if we embrace it, “explore the gap”, and work with others to help them explore the topic themselves.

We can help others uncover new learning without us knowing what that learning will look like.

And doesn’t this align well with the concept of effective learning journeys being unique to individual learners?

And isn’t it liberating for us as leaders to know that we don’t need to know everything. In fact, we can help others grow and explore without even knowing what their individual learning journey will look like.

Embrace your ignorance.

Explore the gap.

Powerful stuff for educators and leaders everywhere.